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The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that K-12 schools and libraries use Internet filters and implement other measures to protect children from harmful online content as a condition for the receipt of certain federal funding, especially E-rate funds. 

While on the Yellville-Summit network all devices are filtered through a Cisco content filter provided by the state of Arkansas Department of Information Systems. Every access point in the district prevents access to some services and websites that are deemed harmful to the student or to the network.

In addition, Chromebooks are also filtered through GoGuardian.  GoGuardian uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to block websites based on what is on the screen regardless of where the content was found. It examines the words and images on a web page for inappropriate content and if believed to be unsuitable for students, it will block the page immediately.

Y-S Tech Team:

Gina Rotenberry, Technology Coordinator |
Ryan Metcalf, Assistant Technology Coordinator |
Isaac Watkins, Technology Assistant |

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